Monday, March 8, 2010

#21 Actors who reportedly turned down the role of James Bond

  • Steve Reeves (Dr. No)
  • Rod Taylor (Dr. No): Refused a screen test offered by the producer because he thought the role was beneath him.
  • John Frankenheimer (Dr. No) Reportedly claimed he was offered the role.
  • Richard Johnson (Dr. No) Didn't want a long term contract.
  • Richard Burton (Dr. No, On Her Majesty's Secret Service)
  • Cary Grant (Dr. No): Felt he was too old
  • James Mason (Dr. No) Would only commmit to 2 movies.
  • Patrick McGoohan (Dr. No): Didn't like the character.
  • Timothy Dalton (On Her Majesty's Secret Service): At 21, felt he was too young, but he would play the role 20 years later.
  • Adam West (On Her Majesty's Secret Service): Felt a British Actor should play the role.
  • Burt Reynolds (Live and Let Die): Felt a British actor should play the role
  • Robert Wagner (early 70's): Felt a British actor should play the role
  • Hugh Jackman (Casino Royale):
  • Ewan McGregor (Casino Royale) Didn't want to be typecast

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